Many newborn babies need as much as 18 hours of sleep each day. With increasing age, less sleep is necessary. Babies should be placed only on their back for sleeping. Let your baby sleep in a separate room if possible. Otherwise, his/her harmless little grunts, snorts, sniffs, sneezes, and whimpers will keep you awake and worried all night. If he/she should need you, he/she will cry loudly enough for you to hear!



Normal babies may cry three to four hours each day. Should the crying be non-stop for five minutes or longer, check to see if he/she is complaining (hungry, wet, too hot, too cold, etc.). They may just be enjoying exercising their voice. In time, you will be able to recognize their different cries and what they mean.



Your baby may go outside. Just avoid crowds. Babies catch colds and infections from other people. During the first 8 - 10 weeks of life, babies cannot breathe easily through their mouths, so if a cold should plug up his/her nose, they will not be able to eat or sleep easily. If they are not sleeping, you won't either!  Should he/she catch a cold despite your precautions, make an appointmet and we will instruct you on how to care for your baby.

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