Dry Skin:

Dry skin is common. Applications of cream or lotions will only make it worse by blocking the skin pores. Baby powder may be used. A mild soap is best. If left alone, dry skin is quickly replaced by normal, healthy skin. During the winter, when central heat is on, we recommend bathing no more often than every other day. Of course, the baby's bottom may be washed whenever necessary.


Belly buttons are delicately treated by most parents. We recommend cleaning the navel with alcohol-soaked cotton balls at least twice a day. Leave the navel uncovered by the diaper.

Diaper Rashes:

These are common in some babies; others may never have them. The best treatment is exposure of the baby's bottom to air. The use of ointments is often helpful.

Cradle Cap:

This is nothing more than dry skin on the scalp. Oils or lotions make it worse. Use an antidandruff shampoo, using a manicure brush to gently loosen the scales as you wash the scalp. Use caution when rinsing to avoid eye and mouth area.


This cosmetic procedure is popular in America and is usually requested for most male infants. There are some potential complications, but fortunately they are uncommon. When performed, circumcision is done on the second or third hospital day. It is done by the obstetrician or pediatrician according to custom of the hospital. If you should request circumcision and it is not done, it can be done in our office. The circumcised penis should be protected by a heavy coating of petroleum jelly and a small gauze pad for the first several days. After this time, it may be cleaned and cared for like any other part of the body.

Vaginal Discharge:

Mucus or bloody discharge is common in girl babies in the first two weeks. It is the direct effect of mother's hormones on the baby's uterus. As the hormones are excreted from the baby's body, the discharge ceases. Breast enlargement in boys and girls is often seen. Both conditions are normal.

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